Tie Dye Tuesday!

Let’s not pretend this summer has been jam-packed with great weather, probably the best we can say is ‘the garden needs the rain’. “Ashley Starkes Tie Dye Dress and Delias Lips Tee” by Lucy Burrows is licensed under CC BY 2.0 It’s fun As we lurch towards the beginning of the autumn term parents across […]

The importance of watching birds [video]

varigated holy planted in tractor tire

In a busy household sometimes we seem to be just coping with life, rushing between work, school, day trips, more work… But what is life if we don’t take time to just sit and watch? “LEISURE” What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. No time to […]

7 Easy Made low-maintenance garden planters

Summer time, the time to create simple, low-maintenance garden planters to brighten up your outdoor living space. Low-Maintenance garden planters made from old furniture This container was knocked together using the slats from an outgrown child’s bed. The untreated softwood will rot, but it’ll darken beautifully and encourage to moss to spread all over (hopefully). […]

We now take Bitcoin, Litecoin and other Alt Coins!

Alt Coins! You already know that sheepskins complement a modern home, you can probably picture the vivid fashionable colours you get achieve with our range of natural dyes – so despite our adherence to the traditional tanning method, and our old-fashioned love of nature, we are leading the way in accepting the most modern of currency, […]

Sheepskins: the Ultimate Yurt Upgrade

Dragon Hill Yurt. Just spent a wonderful afternoon at a yurt on Dragon Hill, just outside Glastonbury. We were making a delivery of sheepskins to be used for weekend workshops. However, we ended up getting in touch with our more primal side and practising bush skills! I tended the fire, clearing the scrub from the […]

Sparrows attack House Martin nest.

House Martins Under Attack. We loved having some House Martins build a nest above our bedroom window, but when it was attacked we didn’t know what to do. The first sign was the change in tone from the babies. First they were sweet and chirrupy, then one morning they were raucous and unpleasant. Little did […]

Rocombe Retreat – Pizza in a cob oven

Rocombe Retreat Cob Oven

Rocombe Retreat Having spent the weekend at Rocombe Retreat, nestled in the rolling hills surrounding the teign valley in South Devon we have a new love for the Cob Oven! We even managed to cook up some mussels fresh from the river teign mussel beds, and seared some tuna as well. (Not from the sea […]

Madder dye and its magnificent colour change!

Madder Colour Change. Madder dye is a spectacular colour changer, with our new kit you can watch it go through a colour change when you expose the freshly-dyed fabric to washing powder. You can dye your own cotton bag with natural Madder dye and enjoy watching it change colour! Our new kits contain everything you need […]

Be childish, whilst there is still time

coin sparks cap. simpler things.

Enjoy the simpler things in life. Remember to enjoy the simpler things in life, a friend of mine was recently hospitalised. He recovered, but the gentleman in the bed opposite didn’t. Witnessing a guy dying has changed my friend somewhat, and as he returns to health his focus has changed too. Now he urges that […]

Out of respect for mice I will not use pesticide.

in focus bindweed root out of focus dug bed

So, I find myself with a conflict but have decided I will not use pesticide.  Plants you want will die if you so much as look at them wrong. Bindweed, on the other hand, can regenerate a whole new colony if you leave behind a single millimetre of it’s brittle root. Surely, this is when […]