When your website is your shop – you NEED it open!

I want to say thanks to the guy who runs the servers that power our website. He powers lots of other websites, but obviously mine is the one I care about most.

Which is why when I screwed my website up, his help meant the world to me.

He got dartmoorsheepskins.co.uk back online within minutes and pointed me towards a free WordPress plugin that made images smaller, the whole problem was me uploading very large images. So problem solved.

I want to commend to you the services of webs.limited, Justin does a fantastic job and his help means we stay open for business. I have found other web hosts who offered lower headline prices but our web designer recommended Justin at webs.limited and I do too.

In fact, we have saved money (a saving we are passing on to you) by using webs, and when it really mattered he was right there with us.

Thank you Justin. Really good service should be acknowledged!


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