How to grow Topia ‘Snowtopia White’

Everyone loves Topia exclaimed the woman who sold me my first little pot of it. Luckily, not only is it so delightful, it is also very easy to grow. See below for instructions on how to grow Topia.

Topia setting off the orange and red of Winter Cherry

How to grow Topia

Get yourself some seeds ready for spring, sow them in compost and put them out when the danger of frost has passed – they are tolerant of cold, but give the young plants a head start by keeping the seedlings indoors for a little.

Snowtopia will flower freely for an incredibly long season – mine are still in flower in late October having started flowering in April. No deadheading is required, no pruning needed, they will just keep on producing cascades of pretty white flowers all summer long.

‘Topia’ is Bacopa, a member of the Sutera family, sometimes listed as Chaenostoma cordatum or Sutera cordata in catalogues, so finding advice can be tricky. Fear not, this easy plant needs no special treatment, it’s able to withstand a degree of neglect so is ideal for containers that might get a little dry.

Filling in the gaps

Plant it in bigger cracks in the paving, at the sides of steps, under shrubs or trees (it prefers some shade to full sun). You can find out how I make my low-maintenance planters (including this Topia kettle) here.

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butterfly Pea Tea clitoria flowertops

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