Small is beautiful – bonsai sunflower!

A tiny sunflower in front of its giant cousin.

In an act of untrammeled laziness, I failed to get all the sunflowers planted out – this one become an unintentional bonsai, and is now in flower!

You may remember me boasting about this really tall sunflower from the same pack of seeds, the only difference was the neglect shown to the tiny sunflower. Something to add to the nature versus nurture argument…

Sunflowers are annual plants, so you only have one season to bonsai them, with this unintentional example I didn’t prune the roots or anything technical, just left the poor thing in the pot it germinated in. I can’t wait to see if it produces seeds!

A true bonsai is usually a tree, of course, and what was created here is simply a small plant. Bonsai fans can be quite picky about how the term is used and what it relates to, so do take care how you describe your tiny sunflowers!

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