How quickly can a slug eat a cabbage?

I’ve just planted a beautiful ornamental brassica, I’m not naive… those slugs will have eaten it by tomorrow, but you have to try!

Here at Sheepskin Towers we like to do things naturally, so slug bait is off the cards. It would seem wrong to go to all the effort of sourcing natural dyes, ethical sheepskins, and artisan tea to then go and use potentially harmful substances in the garden. So the slugs around here have an easy time!

When I was young my mum used to put salt on those giant slugs that come out on hot summer evenings, I remember watching them shrivel and foam, it looked like a gruesome death. I wonder if brassicas do so well at the coast because of the regular salty sea spray, a kind of natural slug deterrent?

Either way, I give this delicate little beauty about twenty four hours on this side of Dartmoor. After that there’ll be little left but a stump!

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