Arctic Circle Reindeer

These individually listed reindeer skins are tanned beautifully from hides harvested by a nomadic tribe. The Sami peoples follow the herd through northern Sweden, Norway and Finland as it grazes extensively across this cold region. The Sami use every part of the animal, with meat being their primary income source and skins making a useful contribution. The Sami work have worked sustainably this way for generations.
The resultant product is thick, soft hide – especially soft when considered in hides at this scale – The fur is soft and when clenched along with a handful of hide the effect is fleshy and animalistic. These hides will not suit people who are uncomfortable with animal products in their home.
Very warm, thick and soft – and check the measurements – some of these skins are suitable for a king size double bed on their own. All Reindeer skin are supplied with a gentle brush and are shipped promptly from the UK in 100% biodegradable packaging.

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