British Sheepskin

Snuggle up with a Dartmoor Sheepskin when it’s awful outside and feel warm about their ethics, comfortable because they handle temperature really well, and perfectly toasty knowing your next sheepskin can be delivered all over the world from right here in Devon, UK – all securely packaged in compostable materials.  

Natural Dye

Roots and shoots plain and simple. Our powders are pure single plant matter, ground for days at a time with  – nothing has been added, nor taken away. 

Natural Incense 

Vigorous fragrances that have been used from ancient times. An easy way to incorporate some #livinghistory into your daily routine. 

Dartmoor Sheepskins is a small Devon business thriving on quality products with personal service. We sell gorgeous items that add ancient luxury and timeless charm to your home. Catch a rarity as they come up but, honestly, you cannot go wrong with a Cottage Cream - it's the most popular product right now for a very good reason.

Chris | Dartmoor Sheepskins

Pround to be a business living and trading in

clipped sheepskin being brushed by woman's hand holding wooden brush

We are proud of the products that we present to you. Many say it, but we actually are a cottage industry, and when you get a delivery from us it has been packaged with our own fair hands on site.

We specialise in small runs, so if you see something you like, it is best to get it sent, it may be gone tomorrow. All of our sheepskins come from British flocks.

Thank you for supporting us, we appreciate you x

All Our Packing is 100% Biodegradable

You can compost all of it…

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We run a list for the select few people who are really fans of what we do. 

They hear about new arrivals before anyone else, and sometimes get a discount code. No Spam, No Pressure.