You Don’t Always Get What You Want.

You don’t always get what you want, but sometimes it turns out better than you thought! As summer makes its presence felt here in the southwest, beautiful colours are all around us. The garden at Sheepskin Towers is in full bloom, this year we have planted a wide variety of alliums. Alliums are providing some … Read more

Copal: capture the profound

Enjoy waves of lucidity lapping at your mind with every wisp of precious Copal. A little laced on a charcoal disk will fill your senses and empty your mind. Fresh, evocative, cleansing, pure and beautiful, and available now from just £4.70 for 30g. Not sure which natural incense is for you? Try our multi-pack just … Read more

Thoughtful Frankincense exists outside of time

Frankincense creates a space embude with calm. When burning this ancient resin you’ll find your thoughts unhurried. It’s as if Frankincense exists outside of time. A meditation in its own right, and a modern miracle in space clearing. We’re all readily contactable these days, even on a quiet walk in the countryside a fuzz fuzz … Read more