Bee First Aid

bee first aid - bee tongue on sugar water

Bee First Aid Today was the first bee first aid of the year for us. The equinox is here and after not one but two punishing snow storms it looks like spring is finally here. As spring approaches we see the insects start to stir and go about their business. The sight of a bumble … Read more

More snowy scenes from Totnes

Bright red stems on a bush laden with snow

More snowy scenes from Totnes as a second beasterly easterly brings a fresh flurry. As the beast from the east makes its second appearance we have more snowy scenes from Totnes. The town around us is turned into a beautiful winter wonderland for the second time. It is hard to imagine this much snow in … Read more

Pigeons Rock (Doves)

Pigeons Rock (Doves) People love doves, they are a symbol of peace, their gentle coo warms our hearts and brings a warm glow to bodies but not so the pigeon. Seen a plenty on our streets the humble pigeon, often called a sky rat, is hated by many. There is a slight problem with this … Read more

The Leechwell in Totnes

Since the 1400’s there have been named wardens of the Leechwell in Totnes. The water was believed to cure leprosy among other things, and sick folks would journey to Totnes to get healed by the water. To this day there are still named wardens! The three troughs (from left to right); Toad, Long Crippler and … Read more