Baby goldfish, newly hatched

tiny day old goldfish with prominent eye and translucent tail

It’s ALL about timing We’ve had some new arrivals in the garden here at Sheepskin Towers – our goldfish felt suitably happy enough to lay eggs into this home made breeding mop, and by a stroke of luck we were lucky enough to catch it after the males had fertilised the eggs, but before all … Read more

Tie Dye Tuesday!

Let’s not pretend this summer has been jam-packed with great weather, probably the best we can say is ‘the garden needs the rain’. “Ashley Starkes Tie Dye Dress and Delias Lips Tee” by Lucy Burrows is licensed under CC BY 2.0 It’s fun As we lurch towards the beginning of the autumn term parents across … Read more

7 Easy Made low-maintenance garden planters

Summer time, the time to create simple, low-maintenance garden planters to brighten up your outdoor living space. Low-Maintenance garden planters made from old furniture This container was knocked together using the slats from an outgrown child’s bed. The untreated softwood will rot, but it’ll darken beautifully and encourage to moss to spread all over (hopefully). … Read more