How to start a bottle garden

How to start a bottle garden. As it gets wetter and our attentions turn inward for winter it’s a good time to consider houseplants, here are instructions on how to make a bottle garden – the easiest of ALL indoor plants. The only sort of arrangement that requires almost no effort whatsoever is a bottle … Read more

How to grow Topia ‘Snowtopia White’

Everyone loves Topia exclaimed the woman who sold me my first little pot of it. Luckily, not only is it so delightful, it is also very easy to grow. See below for instructions on how to grow Topia. How to grow Topia Get yourself some seeds ready for spring, sow them in compost and put them … Read more

How quickly can a slug eat a cabbage?

I’ve just planted a beautiful ornamental brassica, I’m not naive… those slugs will have eaten it by tomorrow, but you have to try! Here at Sheepskin Towers we like to do things naturally, so slug bait is off the cards. It would seem wrong to go to all the effort of sourcing natural dyes, ethical … Read more

Small is beautiful – bonsai sunflower!

In an act of untrammeled laziness, I failed to get all the sunflowers planted out – this one become an unintentional bonsai, and is now in flower! You may remember me boasting about this really tall sunflower from the same pack of seeds, the only difference was the neglect shown to the tiny sunflower. Something … Read more

Baby Goldfish Update: 7 Survivors

Six week old baby goldfish

Here at Sheepskin Towers we love life, which is why we were delighted to find our goldfish had mated and produced these beautiful babies! Baby Fish Update: 7 Survivors Raising baby goldfish is not complicated, but it is by no means likely to work in this post I explain how to raise baby goldfish. Even the … Read more