Cider Gum seedling and successful germination of other tree seeds

With considerable skepticism I announce the germination of a Eucalyptus genii and that we have a cider gum seedling! If I’m right, and I am Never Wrong, we have successfully germinated a Cider Gum (Eucalyptus genii) seed and raised a Cider Gum seedling. The trick to germinating them is in making the seeds experience their … Read more

October garden at Sheepskin Towers – in photos

Dartmoor sheepskins garden Dartmoor sheepskins garden is in beautiful colour at this time of year. Here at Sheepskin Towers we love colour, that’s why we sell really cheerful natural dye! We also know the value of being outdoors, here’s our favourite photos from our October garden​. Check out our guide to growing Topia here Check … Read more