Still life art my dog has made

Maybe Nelly sees the beauty in ordinary things…. she has been loving this stick for days now, carrying it tenderly from spot to spot, offering it apples, potatoes and a courgette. It all started when we found a perfectly intact potato on the window sill, unmarked by teeth or anything else, and we wondered… just how did that get there?

We removed the spud, assuming it was the action of a child playing some game or other, and within hours another food-grade potato had been placed in the same spot, with a great view of the garden.

It was only the donation of a friend’s veg box that revealed the ‘artist’, and exposed Nelly, the family Banksy. Naturally we have left the exhibits in place in case they appreciate in value to the point where we can sell them and retire. Or make a stew, whichever comes first.

“Stick, apple and potato” by Nelly

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