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A New Lease Of Life

This white dress was purchased nearly ten years ago, specifically for this final-year photography project. Right after the shoot it was ‘ruined’. Stains all over right where the window sill was pressed against it.

We Gave This Dress A New Lease Of Life

White clothing is always a gamble but so lovely and so cool in this heatwave. Certainly here at sheepskins towers where children dwell white does not last long but that doesn’t mean clothes are gone after they have lost that snowy whiteness. Dark blue will hide a multitude of sins and give a new lease of life to your favourite item.

It reminds me of someone telling me that people don’t fix things anymore, they just throw them away. He was talking about marriage breakup so it seemed like a sad truth. But there is the opportunity for all of us, all the time, to reuse, recycle and mend the things in our lives that had degraded. Human relationships, carrier bags… and a pretty dress that needed a new lease of life.

Why not have a look here at our range of natural dyes.


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Name The Baby Competition!

Name our next product and we’ll give you some for free!

Competition time! As a small online retailer we are always looking for good ways to find people who like our products. We have no dreams of competing with Amazon or any high street brand, what we want to do is find people like you who enjoy natural products, sourced responsibly.

We also like to keep our marketing interesting and fun for the our customers and that’s where you come in. All our products are our babies and we need you to name our next one. I’m not suggesting you email us your favourite names, I’m asking you to tell us what our next product is!

What we are finding is that most people find us through word of mouth. Our regular customers and subscribers recommend us to their friends (you are welcome to join them by signing up here).

Thank you!

This is why our best form of marketing is simply to reward our customers, and particularly subscribers, with; good service, world class natural products and exclusive (sometimes eye watering) special offers.

On the last four weeks our 2 for 1 offer on natural dye saw us give away nearly four kilos of the finest pigments found anywhere. This week subscribers receive gifts chosen from our range. If someone on our mailing list places an order worth £120, we send them a free Dartmoor sheepskin.

We’re not trying to get you to spend more than you can afford. We’ve made it our mission to save you money by only supplying products that will deliver. Our dyes, including Mimosa, Marigold, Madder and many many more… are vivid and strong. Our natural incenses, including Copal, Palo Santo, and of course Frankincense and Myrrh… are equally vivid. I personally believe you’ll love our frankincense and not return to Holland and Barrett, who’s price we match.

In fact we give stuff away all the time. Feel free to order some Butterfly Pea Tea, for the price of postage alone. If you subscribe and place an order above £20 we’ll send you an even more generous bag of this delicious tea.

Why do we do this? Well, it works. Customers find us quirky and they recommend us to their friends (thanks by the way), and we are learning all the time. To that end we have a Birthday request! In typical fashion it involves a present!

If we stock what you suggest, you get some free!

Name our next product and if we stock it, you’ll get some free. We don’t want you to second guess us – don’t try to imagine what we want, tell us what you would like a decent supplier of and we will look into it. With our, albeit modest, buying power, we can sometimes make things happen.

If you can tell us what the product is, what you look for in the product and any ethical issues.

Why not have a look at our range of natural dyes and incenses for inspiration.

What should we stock?

One more thing… do subscribe to benefit from our subscriber offers!


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We take Byteball Bytes – Plus Cryptocurrency Cashback On ALL Purchases!

online stores that accept byteball

Not only can you pay with cryptocurrency in our store, but you can now get cashback in Byteball Bytes, a digital currency, on every purchase. Bytes are the native currency of the Byteball platform and can be used to move money and buy and sell things. We take Byteball, but we do also give it away!

If you already use Bytes please do pop over to our store where they are accepted and do be sure to pop your Byteball address into the box on the checkout – you’ll receive 10% cashback in Bytes for free from the Byteball Foundation.

If you don’t use Bytes but are curious about crypto, just pop your email address into the box on the checkout – you’ll have some Bytes reserved for you – check your emails.

The Byteball system is really quite clever in that anyone can make applications for it, currently you can; exchange currency, buy insurance, play the lottery, and bet on the football. What all these things have in common is the need for a middleman. If Arsenal win then the bookie pays out to anyone who bet that Arsenal would win. Of course, the bookie sets the odds in his favour – the house always wins.

Where platforms like Byteball offer an exciting challenge to these third parties is the way they do away with the need for third parties, and the fees they charge. A transaction on the Byteball network cost a tiny fraction of a transaction on the VISA network, for example. The implications couldn’t be more serious for major financial interests.

Where third parties are expensive they are not always a safe option. If you are a retailer and you accept a VISA payment, for example, VISA could provide you with that money and then take it away again, upto six months later, if they found that your customer had used a stolen card. As a retailer you could mount your own action to recover the money, but to VISA the case is closed and the ball’s in your court.

Byteball Bytes are sold by the Giga Byte (GBYTE), and one of them is currently worth around £100, so why are the Byteball Foundation giving money away? Byteball was started differently to many crypto related projects. The aim has always been to give 99% of the Byteball platform native currency away for free. This is to encourage use of the Byteball platform and allow the developers to work on a really stable platform and user friendly contracts.

Smart Contract:

If Arsenal win pay Geoff

If Chesley win pay Sarah

Sarah and Geoff’s money is held in Smart Contract until official winner is announced.

Money released to either Geoff or Sarah.

Smart contracts can be scaled up with thousands of transactions happening at the same time. It could easily be a replacement for VISA, MasterCard or any other payment system.

Byteball doesn’t use a blockchain.

Instead of a blockchain, Byteball writes the public ledger and confirms transactions using a Directed Acyclic Graph – each transaction verifies other transactions happening at around the same time. The system is infinitely scalable. More is more.

Each transaction verifies others (click image for source, Wiki)

Not Just A Cryptocurrency.

The really exciting thing about Byteball is that, like Ethereum, one can build smart contracts. Unlike Ethereum, Byteball can execute them in unlimited number. Byteball is energy efficient.

“Byteball enables trust where trust couldn’t exist before. When a contract is created on Byteball platform, it can be trusted to work exactly as agreed upon. Why? Because it is validated by multiple nodes on the decentralized network, which all follow the same immutable rules. The counterparty, even if it is a total stranger, has to behave honestly because only the rules have authority. Such a contract is called a smart contract” –

Right from within the Byteball wallet you can already; exchange currency, buy delayed flight insurance, bet on football results and play games, with active development of many more applications using these smart contracts.

We like it because it is fast, secure and elegant in use. Simply click Pay with Byteball bytes at the checkout. And remember to add your email or Byteball address at the checkout to receive free Byteball Bytes with your order.

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2 For 1 Offer On Natural Dyes – buy one, get one free!

Throughout June we will DOUBLE your natural dye orders absolutely free! 2 For 1 Offer until June 30th.

Simply choose your colour from our range of natural dyes, order as normal, and we will ship TWICE the amount.

You can order as much or as little as you like, pay using whatever method you prefer, and we will take care of everything. You can even claim cashback in our digital currency giveaway!

Buy ONE, receive TWO!

Two for One offer valid on ALL dyes from Dartmoor Sheepskins:

  • No minimum or maximum quantity.
  • Place order as normal, receive DOUBLE what you pay for.
  • Place as many orders as you like.
  • Offer ends Saturday 30th June.
Lac Dye Powder
Offer valid on our entire range!

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Size Matters, but quality matters more.


Meet Gerald. Gerald and I travel hundreds of miles together. He is, as you can see, quite small. But don’t be fooled, he has the heart of a lion, the strength of an ox and the ability to cling on that rivals Theresa May.

Unlike May, he is welcome to spin his sticky web all over my wing mirror till his heart sings. I’ll take him touring around Dartmoor, show him different styles of dry stone wall… visit a pub… who knows?

I first met Gerald on drive back home and was struck by how plucky the little fella was, popping his head out on the motorway. Often he emerges as I start the engine as if to say “where we going?”

One of the things I find since starting up Dartmoor Sheepskins, working with the dyes and selecting the finest incenses, is an increase in my attention to detail. I notice the little things in life more. Not that long ago a tiny, dare devil spider would probably not caught my attention but Gerald really did. For this reason I think he deserves a little post this site. This site that helps me appreciate the little things in life that so often used to pass me by.





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You Don’t Always Get What You Want.

You don’t always get what you want, but sometimes it turns out better than you thought!

As summer makes its presence felt here in the southwest, beautiful colours are all around us. The garden at Sheepskin Towers is in full bloom, this year we have planted a wide variety of alliums.

Alliums are providing some of the most beautiful blooms and we have certainly had some surprises. This amazing flower was part of a group of mystery bulbs we were given.

I have never seen a flower quite like it, it has so much nectar that little droplets fall. The delicate flowers let the sunlight shine through in the most beautiful way.

I tried to capture a photograph of the way the light shone through. However, the sun behind it meant it came out quite differently. Differently than I expected but still very beautiful.

Often when I experiment with dyes and mordants the colours and patterns that come out are not at all what I expect. This is one of the best parts though, so often I create something that is way beyond what we hoped for. For me, one of the most exiting things to do is Tie Dye, we never know how it will turn out until I untie it.Tie dyeing with mimosa hostilis powder

This was one of my favourite results using our Lac dyeTie dyeing with Lac

I think one of the most wonderful things in life is when it surprises you with something beautiful.

Why not try out our range of natural dyes here. You never know, you might get some beautiful surprises of your own.

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Magical Myrrh – a light-hearted bassnote to the aroma of life

Sweet and resinous yet dry like a pine forest, Magical Myrrh is clean and medicinal, a light hearted bassnote to the aroma of life. If gravitas could be cheeky, it would be Myrrh.

myrrh gum
myrrh gum incense cut and sifted

Brighten things up around the house with Magical Myrrh! Myrrh will leave a youthful energy around your home. Sweet and resinous aroma, yet dry like a pine forest. Superb resin, beautiful!

Now you can get hold of some for just £4.50 for 50g –Buy It Now

Not sure which incense would suit you best? Try our multi pack ON SALE NOW, just £9.99 (for limited time)


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Perfect Palo Santo – rediscover your inner peace

Perfect Palo Santo wood produces a clean smoke which clears negative energy and brings everyone present to a calm state of poise.

Just Be.

It’s been used for millennia in ceremony and in spiritual practice. We believe this sacred wood deserves a solid home in modern life, and that’s why we offer it here in easy to use chip form.

Like all our incenses, Palo Santo is a meditation in its own right. Take time out of the hustle and shift your consciousness into a place of poise and readiness. Palo Santo helps you rediscover an inner peace that was within you the whole time.

Burning this sacred wood releases the effect. Simply place a chip onto a lit charcoal disk, as you would with a resin incense. It’s easy to light the chips themselves in a censer. Waft the fragrance around all corners of the room. The effect is beautiful and almost instant. A cool calmness will fill the space and leave you ready for anything.

You can be assured that your Palo Santo has been sustainably harvested, from naturally fallen trees. Ethical sourcing is at the heart of all we do.

Clear the energies in your life, and do so with a clean conscience! Palo Santo is just £4.50 for 25g from our Store.




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Thoughtful Frankincense exists outside of time

Frankincense creates a space embude with calm. When burning this ancient resin you’ll find your thoughts unhurried. It’s as if Frankincense exists outside of time. A meditation in its own right, and a modern miracle in space clearing.

We’re all readily contactable these days, even on a quiet walk in the countryside a fuzz fuzz from your pocket requests attention. Maybe it’s important?

Know where you are right now.

On a recent walk with the dog along the banks of the river Dart – a walk that could well have been mundane – my son and I started a simple game of hide and seek. At first I had all those ‘sensible’ thoughts like I should look after my non waterproof shoes… We should go home and cook food… Where on earth is my son!?

Remember to be yourself.

It took me a while to come back to myself. Come back to what was actually happening. We were running around on a boggy floodplain hiding behind trees and it was fun.

How often we lose ourselves. How often we live a life all in the mind, pretending, rehearsing, imagining dealing with things that aren’t real. Things that won’t be helpfully influenced by our internal dialogue.

Frankincense smoke brings the mind to a peaceful rest leaving you free to think spaciously and creatively. With the calm comes an expanse of consciousness often hidden under layers of unhelpful thoughts.

Just being

Experience life outside of time, our frankincense is priced at just £4.50 for 50g. Do try frankincense on its own, but in combination with Myrrh the effect is very special. Both resins have been used for millennia, both have medical properties. The wise men knew a thing or two when they brought these incenses along with gold.

All our incenses are among the best available anywhere. We also source the finest Copal and Palo Santo – why not try them all with our generous multipack – on sale now at just £9.99 (for a limited time).