If you don’t like socks and sandals stop looking at my feet

If you have ever laughed, joked or criticised someone for wearing socks and sandals then I urge you to have a word with yourself. Why is it that among all the things you don’t like, you feel it OK to police this one? You despise 95% cocoa chocolate, extra-large cars and rudeness, so why do […]

Patience, patience… how long does it take tree seeds to germinate?

I bought a pack of mixed conifer seeds from Chiltern Seeds, always a favourite company of mine, and they come in a large packet containing literally hundreds of seeds – enough to reforest the whole of Devon, I’m sure. There’s a technique involved in successful germination of tree seeds called stratification, those who use it […]

The bright side of Brexit – cheap British exports

bright red coach photoshopped to look like Brexit bus, says hey europe, do you mind if we pay in installments? £350 million a week?

Brexit means cheap British exports, and that includes sheepskins. Here at Dartmoor Sheepskins we try to look at the bright side of life, a quick look at our explosively colourful range of natural dyes and I’m sure you’ll see what we mean. Can we talk about Brexit? I won’t lie to you, it’s been difficult […]

Have a go at grafting hyacinth bulbs | Darwin would be proud

I have a dim memory from childhood that bulbs, particularly hyacinth bulbs, can be grafted together. If it really IS possible you’d have thought there would be more about grafting bulbs online… alas, a search turns up very little. Cut two different colour hyacinth bulbs in half Join them together Tape them up Plant them […]

How to make a moss garden

When a friend told me his disused moss-covered tennis court was about to be demolished I jumped at the chance to create a beautiful moss garden! Collecting moss can be frowned upon in the UK, but if you get the chance to save some then why not make your own moss garden? If you have […]

Tall Is Beautiful!

We all know that good things come in small packages but for some things, including life itself, length matters! There are over seventy species of ‘sunflower’ or Helianthus, and they sit within the much bigger plant family of Astereaceae, which includes Jerusalem Artichoke. Our specimen here stands at over two metres, whilst the tallest can […]

Increased range of digital currencies now accepted!

Within the last two years Bitcoin has increased in price by over £3000 and public awareness is threatening to move beyond the stage where folk’s eyes glaze over. As such, we are chuffed to beans to have increased the range of digital currencies we accept as payment for any of our products – simply select […]

Baby goldfish, newly hatched

tiny day old goldfish with prominent eye and translucent tail

It’s ALL about timing We’ve had some new arrivals in the garden here at Sheepskin Towers – our goldfish felt suitably happy enough to lay eggs into this home made breeding mop, and by a stroke of luck we were lucky enough to catch it after the males had fertilised the eggs, but before all […]

Stunning House Martin flight from bedroom window [video]

Stunning display of House Martin’s flight from our bedroom window here at Sheepskin Towers this morning… August is the House Martin’s last chance to mate, most will only mate once in their whole life. Both males and females feed the young, even young from a previous clutch of eggs will help feed the newly hatched. […]