We are Chris and Shannon and we are on a mission to 100% sheepskin use in the UK (currently on 0.06%). We started Dartmoor Sheepskins with a belief that the current practice of eating sheep and then destroying the sheepskins needs to change, so we work with tanneries in the UK and Europe, exclusively with British sheep skins that would otherwise be scrapped. We are on a mission to engage with a more circular economy – one that benefits the local economy through the support of new specialist makers and retailers, the environment through less waste through the cycles of production and use, and therefore the future of our society more generally. You can join our mailing list here, read our blog here, and of course check out the links below.


How Darren Roughed-Up His “Too Perfect” Home Design.

As the weeks wore on the beautiful clean lines, the thin steel banisters and hyper-polished concrete floor (even the kitchen worktops are made of concrete – poured into a mould in the basement and ground and polished on-site), seemed cold and left nowhere for the eye to rest. The underfloor heating elements work very well but the place lacked real warmth.

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