Bravery isn’t being unafraid, it’s being afraid but doing it anyway

Today my dog learned that bravery isn’t being unafraid, it’s being afraid but doing it anyway! Let me introduce you to Nelly. In this video you can see our brave water-dog attempting to climb the wall in order to avoid jumping from the steps to fetch a precious fragment of stick. She dived in eventually … Read more

Dumnonia, ancient seat of power in the South West

Legend has it that King Arthur was conceived at Tintagel Castle (Cornish: Dintagel) it’s a medieval fortification on Tintagel Island, battered by the Atlantic Ocean on the north coast of Cornwall. Long ago it was known as Dumnonia, ancient seat of power in the South West. The site was possibly occupied in the Romano-British period, as an array of artefacts dating to this … Read more

Trawlermen’s Lives [audio] find out why men do the most dangerous job in the world

Every year 1 in 213 fishermen dies or is seriously injured in British waters. Find out why they fish, what they fish, and what happens when things go wrong. A radio documentary about Trawlermen’s Lives. Trawling is the most dangerous industrial occupation in the UK. Only being a soldier at war is more dangerous. So why … Read more

Be hard, be a pansy – and enjoy a 12% discount with this seasonal discount code!

Honour the pansy with this seasonal discount code. Pansies flower throughout winter and recover within a hours after a heavy frost. Then they produce more flowers, again and again, until well into spring. Pansies are your hardcore winter colour. Helpful when the skies are grey. Showing that life goes on even in adversity. With our … Read more