We are Dartmoor Sheepskins and this is how we collect, store, and share, your data.

(tldr: we strive to collect as little data as possible, to hold it only for as long as we need to, and not to share it with anyone)

What data are we talking about?


You can browse our website, dartmoorsheepskins.co.uk, without sharing your personal information. We will ask if we can place Cookies on your browser to help reduce page loading times, and so that we can measure traffic to the website, it’s your choice whether you allow them or not. We do not use Cookies to personalize your experience nor serve you adverts. If you choose to accept cookies from our website these will be used to store things like the contents of your Basket, and to speed up your experience of the website. We don’t share any data collected from these Cookies, except in an anonymized form (such as a graph showing how many people clicked on our website).

Mailing list.

When you join our mailing list you are subject to MailChimp’s policies, which can be found here. You may notice that we ask only your name and email address, this is in order to help preserve your privacy. MailChimp use your data to better serve you relevant adverts and mailshots.

Placing and order.

When you place an order, you tell us where you live so that we can post your goods to you. When you order from dartmoorsheepskins.co.uk we receive; your name, your address, and the list of contents of your basket. After six months we anonymise the personal data from each order. This means we do not store personal data long term. Your payment processor, and ours, will store your name and order value, your order number and purchases, for much longer than this.  

You cannot make an account with us, this is phenomenally better for your privacy. Each time you buy something from us you will need to input details like address and card number – we won’t store this information. When our payment processor takes your details, they encrypt your personal data, making it useless to anyone else, including us. SagePay, our payment processor, can save your card details in an encrypted form for use on websites that use their system, making forms easier to fill in. Here is their Privacy Policy. Similarly, your own web browser may automatically fill in your details for you, this activity is happening quite separately from Dartmoor Sheepskins and you should check whether you trust it (also: check that all the fields are filled in properly at the checkout, auto-fill errors often cause trouble checking out).

Even though we don’t see your credit card details, we still encrypt the connection between our servers and your computer or phone. You can check our security certificate (in the top left corner of a desktop browser) it looks like a little padlock and indicates that our site is secure for taking payments. You can click on the padlock symbol and see more about our security and the cookies we use.

We don’t have a physical shop and our business is predominantly carried out on the web. However, our business office is: 4 Weston Tree Cottages, Berry Pomeroy, Devon, UK. Contact us here. In some instances, we take credit or debit card payments over the phone. In these cases, you will need to have supplied us with your telephone number and have consented to us using it to help you complete your purchase. We do not normally collect phone numbers for any reason. We won’t store your phone number without permission, nor will we share it unless you tell us to. Where payments are made over the phone, your details will be for a one-time use and Dartmoor Sheepskins will make no record of your details. The transaction will be carried out via the encrypted SagePay portal and you will need the usual numbers associated with your card plus: your house number and post code. These details are an additional fraud check and can speed up payments where a payment processor thinks your purchase looks unusual, as it might the first time.

It goes without saying that we will share any data we hold if legally compelled to do so.

We use the information you provide us with to serve you as a customer, to improve as an online shop and to comply with the law. The overriding principal of Dartmoor Sheepskins is to preserve your privacy by not collecting it, not keeping it, and not sharing it.

Whilst we’ve done our best, reality means we: collect some data, hold it for six months and share it with our bank and yours.