Taming Wild Birds – Can You Tame Wild Birds?

It is entirely possible to tame wild birds, but relatively few have actually been domesticated. We’ve been feeding wild birds with seed over the winter, and protecting House Martin nestsĀ for just over a year now at Sheepskin Towers. The results have gone further than we’d hoped. We’re starting to tame wild birds that visit the … Read more

Isn’t Technology wonderful/terrible?

Isn’t technology wonderful? When I see the sun reflecting off the solar panels on the International Space Station as it orbits overhead, being followed some distance behind by the dimmer reflection of a supply ship, I think ‘isn’t technology wonderful’? But when I discover that emails from our own website have been added to the … Read more

Birds Behaving Badly – drink, drugs, violence, crime and arson.

lorikeet drunk, drunk parrot

We love these examples of birds behaving badly. Whilst it must be horrible to be attacked by seagulls one has to admire mischievous birds. Of course in the UK our feathered fiends are saintly compared to Australian standards. It all started in 1932 when reports of large numbers of emus damaging crops began to escalate. … Read more