Natural Dye

Natural Dye is perfect for anyone wanting vivid colours without using petrochemicals.

We use natural dyes ourselves to create beautiful tie dye, to rejuvenate favourite clothes and for making banners and flags. Many of our customers use these natural dyes in fashion design, historical recreation and costume design.

Enjoy stunning colours with our natural, sustainably produced; mimosa hostilis, Himalayan rhubarb, madder, indigo, marigold and pomegranate. See below for our full range. These dyes contain only the named plant material and no additives, so you can be confident in using them.

Acacia Catechu Dye (Brown)Natural Acacia Dye

Gall Nut Dye (Ivory/Light Yellow/Grey)Colour sample from gallnut dye

Himalayan Rhubarb Dye (Yellow/Light Brown)Colour sample from himalayan rhubarb dye

Lac Dye (Red/Violet)Colour sample from lac dye

Marigold and Tesu Dye (Bright Yellow)Colour sample from marigold and tesu dye

Madder Dye (Red/Pink/Orange)Colour sample from madder dye

Mimosa Hostilis Dye (Purple)Colour sample from Mimosa Hostilis root powder

Myrobalan Dye (Greenish Yellow) Colour sample from myrobolan dye

Pomegranate Dye (Yellow) Colour sample from pomegranate dye

Woad Dye (Bio Indigo Blue)Colours sample from natural woad dye

We also specialise in other natural plant materials, such as Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal resin, and Palo Santo wood. Not only can your home look beautiful, it can also smell divine.

Showing all 12 results

Showing all 12 results