Be hard, be a pansy – and enjoy a 12% discount with this seasonal discount code!

Honour the pansy with this seasonal discount code.

Pansies flower throughout winter and recover within a hours after a heavy frost. Then they produce more flowers, again and again, until well into spring. Pansies are your hardcore winter colour. Helpful when the skies are grey. Showing that life goes on even in adversity.

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Here comes winter, be as ready as the pansy.

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Look at their ickle faces!

The pansy’s current form was developed from heartsease (viola) by two centuries of intentional crossbreeding of wild plant hybrids.

Because its name means “thought” the pansy was chosen as a symbol of Freethought. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) also uses the pansy symbol extensively in its lapel pins and literature.

The flower has long been associated with human manner, as one man cleverly stated: “Nature sports as much with the colours of this little flower as she does with the features of the human countenance. – Wikipedia

Be hard, be beautiful this winter. Think pansy – Save money!

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