Found One! Devon Rocks and Stones – a fantastic game for all the family

We stumbled across a brilliant game quite by accident on a walk at the beach, if you haven’t heard of it check out Devon Rocks and Stones on Facebook!

The group is dedicated to decorating, hiding and finding stones all around Devon.

It’s the perfect way to motivate little ones to go for a walk and a real delight when you find a decorated stone!

Just as much fun is had painting up your own stones and giving subtle hints in the group as to where you have hidden them. A delightful real-life treasure hunt.

Members are sharing painting tips and a real community is growing out of the phenomenon.

On the back of the stones you put a reference to the group.

There’s many very skilled members in the community making the stones very desirable. These beautiful stones were hidden at Oldway Manor.

Here’s the one we found at Brixham Breakwater beach with its friends!

Favourite characters make an appearance.

To join in send a request to join Devon Rocks and Stones┬áit’s very active and very good fun.

See you out and about around Devon – Happy hunting!





6 thoughts on “Found One! Devon Rocks and Stones – a fantastic game for all the family”

  1. I found one today at paignton town centre, it has the logo devon rocks and stones uk, on the back of it, it says BE YOUR SELF !

  2. Girlfriend just found one at me wood country club,with a mushroom house on it!pretty kool,am off to work on the recycling for NDC tmrw so could end up literally anywhere in north Devon!!!!!!!

  3. Suppose to say girlfriend just found one at Lenwood country club,Northam!!!!!!little mushroom house on it!will be hidden somewhere on a recycling round tmrw!!!!good evening to all!


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