You Don’t Always Get What You Want.

You don’t always get what you want, but sometimes it turns out better than you thought!

As summer makes its presence felt here in the southwest, beautiful colours are all around us. The garden at Sheepskin Towers is in full bloom, this year we have planted a wide variety of alliums.

Alliums are providing some of the most beautiful blooms and we have certainly had some surprises. This amazing flower was part of a group of mystery bulbs we were given.

I have never seen a flower quite like it, it has so much nectar that little droplets fall. The delicate flowers let the sunlight shine through in the most beautiful way.

I tried to capture a photograph of the way the light shone through. However, the sun behind it meant it came out quite differently. Differently than I expected but still very beautiful.

Often when I experiment with dyes and mordants the colours and patterns that come out are not at all what I expect. This is one of the best parts though, so often I create something that is way beyond what we hoped for. For me, one of the most exiting things to do is Tie Dye, we never know how it will turn out until I untie it.Tie dyeing with mimosa hostilis powder

This was one of my favourite results using our Lac dyeTie dyeing with Lac

I think one of the most wonderful things in life is when it surprises you with something beautiful.

Why not try out our range of natural dyes here. You never know, you might get some beautiful surprises of your own.

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