One all – you win this year house sparrows

Nest Thieves

Some of you may remember that last year we were lucky enough to have a family of house martins nesting right outside our bedroom window here at Sheepskin Towers.

The martins nest is a target for house sparrows. Although house sparrows can make their own nests they will often try and take over a martins nest. Last year we cam up with a solution to help the Martins stay safe and get to watch the little babies fledge safely. House martins are migratory and after the summer ended they left for warmer climates.


As our UK customers will know, this year saw some of the coldest weather for a decade, strong winds, rain and even a healthy fall of snow. The defence we put up against the sparrows tangled and made the nest an easy target for the sparrows who were here all winter. This gave them the chance to get in early before the martins returned.

I looked out of our window one morning to see a busy little sparrow happily lining the nest with grass and proudly singing out to his mate.

Ah well, I have to admit defeat and let the sparrows have it this year. The matins have now returned from their travels and have found safe nesting space in the stables across  the road. I guess this year we will have the joy of watching a brood of little brown babies grow and fledge. Updates to follow.

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