Perfect Palo Santo – rediscover your inner peace

Perfect Palo Santo wood produces a clean smoke which clears negative energy and brings everyone present to a calm state of poise.

Just Be.

It’s been used for millennia in ceremony and in spiritual practice. We believe this sacred wood deserves a solid home in modern life, and that’s why we offer it here in easy to use chip form.

Like all our incenses, Palo Santo is a meditation in its own right. Take time out of the hustle and shift your consciousness into a place of poise and readiness. Palo Santo helps you rediscover an inner peace that was within you the whole time.

Burning this sacred wood releases the effect. Simply place a chip onto a lit charcoal disk, as you would with a resin incense. It’s easy to light the chips themselves in a censer. Waft the fragrance around all corners of the room. The effect is beautiful and almost instant. A cool calmness will fill the space and leave you ready for anything.

You can be assured that your Palo Santo has been sustainably harvested, from naturally fallen trees. Ethical sourcing is at the heart of all we do.

Clear the energies in your life, and do so with a clean conscience! Palo Santo is just £4.50 for 25g from our Store.




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