Thoughtful Frankincense exists outside of time

Frankincense creates a space embude with calm. When burning this ancient resin you’ll find your thoughts unhurried. It’s as if Frankincense exists outside of time. A meditation in its own right, and a modern miracle in space clearing.

We’re all readily contactable these days, even on a quiet walk in the countryside a fuzz fuzz from your pocket requests attention. Maybe it’s important?

Know where you are right now.

On a recent walk with the dog along the banks of the river Dart – a walk that could well have been mundane – my son and I started a simple game of hide and seek. At first I had all those ‘sensible’ thoughts like I should look after my non waterproof shoes… We should go home and cook food… Where on earth is my son!?

Remember to be yourself.

It took me a while to come back to myself. Come back to what was actually happening. We were running around on a boggy floodplain hiding behind trees and it was fun.

How often we lose ourselves. How often we live a life all in the mind, pretending, rehearsing, imagining dealing with things that aren’t real. Things that won’t be helpfully influenced by our internal dialogue.

Frankincense smoke brings the mind to a peaceful rest leaving you free to think spaciously and creatively. With the calm comes an expanse of consciousness often hidden under layers of unhelpful thoughts.

Just being

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