Madder Dye – Chopped (Red/Orange)


You can use our Natural Madder Dye (Rubia Cordifolia) for pinks, and with alkaline treatment, stunning reds.

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Natural Madder Dye (Chopped)

Finely chopped madder plant material, ready for a dye bath in which you can create stunning reds, pinks and oranges. Like many natural dyes, madder acts like a litmus paper. Along with the addition of salt and other mordants you can use lemon juice, vinegar or a tannic acid rich partner material such as Logwood to dramatically change the effect of this dye. The same goes with playing around with alkaline materials – have fun (and maybe try a test sample first).

Madder undergoes a beautiful colour change when exposed to ordinary washing powder (alkaline). Have a look in this video.You can use all our dyes to produce a range of colours. They are perfect for bespoke professional projects as well as having colourful fun at home. How you treat your fabric will have a fundamental effect on the results you produce, read more…

Early evidence of dyeing comes from India where a piece of cotton dyed with madder has been recovered from the archaeological site at Mohenjo-daro – 3rd millennium BCE

We always ship in biodegradable packaging.

We do not supply madder or human consumption.



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