Nothing Lasts Forever (and neither should it).

Everything we supply can be composted. Not only the bags and boxes, but literally everything.

This keeps things simple for you, because all our packaging is now just as natural as the products inside.

Your Dartmoor Sheepskin order will arrive in plain old-fashioned brown paper and be addressed simply. Upon opening you will see a card tag just to let you know who the parcel is from (clue – it’s us), we don’t include an invoice as these will have been emailed to you (*checks spam folder) – it’s also to reduce our use of plastics and printing. We use a cellophane bag where needed, such as with our natural dyes, even this will break down harmlessly. We also use biodegradable sticky tape, because nothing should last forever.

When I get interesting sheepskins (bearing in mind I see a fair few) I email a list of the best three –

Chris | Dartmoor Sheepskins

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