Dyer's Broom Dye Flakes

Weighing almost nothing but packing a punch! Use Dyer’s Broom flakes (Genista tinctoria) for strong yellows. Enjoy its ease of use and colour-fastness.




Natural Dyer’s Broom

Natural Dyer’s Broom flakes (Genista tinctoria), used for strong yellows. Favoured for generations because of its reliability and colour-fastness. Yellow dyes tend to fade more quickly than other colours, not so with dyer’s broom. It isn’t called dyer’s broom for nothing. You’ll note we don’t sell these chips in larger amounts – you simply won’t need them at domestic scale as dyer’s broom is so light weight (similar to dried mixed herbs).

We ship in plain old fashioned biodegradable packaging free within the UK.

How you treat your fabric will have a fundamental effect on the results you produce, read more…

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