Clitoria Flowers – Dried


Make blue gin with natural blue food colouring with a delicate and attractive flavour, use directly as an elegant tea, or throw a small handful into some cooking rice to give the kids a novel supper. Clitoria is a natural litmus paper and changes colour to pink with the addition of lemon juice or vinegar. Adjust foods and drinks according to taste using lemon or lime. Liven up your favourite gin.


Clitoria ternatia flowers contain a superb quantity of natural pigments – these pigments can change colour as your guests stare their drinks. The pretty flowers, said to resemble a clitoris, can be used to colour food and drinks. It has a clean fresh taste and is rich in antioxidants.

Use it to make a delicious tea, add to cooking water to colour rice, use in baking. Alternatively, use clitoria flowers to make blue gin. Clitoria blue changes to pink/purple in the presence of acid. Add a squeeze of lemon and enjoy!

How to make your own blue gin.

Soak these dried Clitoria flowers (so named because of their appearance) in your favourite gin and then change the colour with a twist of lemon.

Deep blue clitoria flower gin turns pink with tonic and lemon.

Give it a squeeze this summer!

We ship in biodegradable packaging.


Weight .1 kg

10 Flowers (plenty for one bottle), 30 Flowers (plenty for three bottles), 60 Flowers (plenty for six bottles)