Logwood Trap Dye - 100g (with Agar)

Natural Logwood Dye powder (Haematoxylum campechianum) for strong rust conversion of iron oxide into ferric tannate. No added polymers, non-toxic natural source of strong tannic acid. Find out more about logwood trap dye (and rust converters), here.



Natural Logwood Trap Dye

Use Logwood Trap Dye¬†to convert rust (iron oxide) into ferric tannate on any metal that could do with a revamp. Trappers in the American midwest have used the huge resource of tannic acid available in logwood to rust convert their metal traps into smart rust-treated machines that won’t deter animals. We don’t use trap dye here in the UK for this purpose, but we do appreciate the ease of application – simply remove loose or unsound material and then paint the surface with a thin wash (goes on like the water its mixed with) and wait, generally overnight.

Dartmoor Sheepskins logwood trap dye is free from anything artificial – we do not add polymers.

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