It’s getting chilly but I think we’ll survive.

Very tricky to dress right at this time of year. At six in the morning, in the dark, so many clothes can seem appropriate that come midday you’ll need to be clinging to the shadows like the damned.

For simplicity’s sake then, at least, we can enjoy the fact that it’s getting colder.

Unless it starts to rain.

Rain can be serious. One or two spots on a pair of glasses can often be tolerable, especially if they happen to land at the periphery. But nine out of ten times (at least) a single rain drop will destroy normal vision and make progress unconscionable. At these times of course you will discover that your tissue has been ‘impregnated’ with aloe vera. Remember what the therapist said: there are no mistakes, only lessons.

The lesson right now is that you should probably bring the vehicle to a stop.

Of course, a simple lens wipe would do, but where’s the fun? You end up using neat petrol, because outside the realm of gold infused burgers this is the most decedent thing you can think of. That, or leaving the immersion heater on overnight. In the first case please, no gherkin. In the later case, what if you slept in and the whole tank went cold?

There are easier ways to feel alive.

As I write it is approaching midday, beautiful blue sky. You’d hardly know that just a few short weeks ago we had blazing sun and a hosepipe ban. Today the grass is lush and (mostly) green. Dew hangs heavy at the tips and each blade is frosted from root to tip, at least in the deep shade.

So it is with weather. A little rain refreshes, a lot of it obliterates your senses. Bring on the weather I say. Bring on the cold clear winter day that could almost pass as summer. Make me cold you old toad, give me what you’ve got. I’m ready for this year to bash itself against the rocks first thing on New Years morning. Even colder than now.

I can almost taste the sea on my lips.

Like I say, I’m writing this at midday in the sun. Easy to be brave on a sunny day. Until then, I’ll sit here huddled under my sheepskin.

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