How To Make Your Own Blue Gin

If you are wondering how to make blue gin you’re in the right place! You can turn your favorite gin blue with the addition of edible flowers, we recommend violets and clitoria flowers (available here). Dried flowers come with the advantage of being storable although fresh flowers look stunning in the glass. If using dried flowers the time required is reduced, dramatically.

How to make blue gin

Instructions: Simply pour a little gin into a glass to make room for your flowers. Add about six flowers to a 70cl bottle (more for darker blue, less for lighter) and wait as the colour percolates throughout. After ten or so minutes you can invert the bottle to mix the colour. Don’t shake or you risk roughing up your flowers and they won’t look as good.

With fresh flowers you need to leave them for a couple of days. Keep an eye on the condition of fresh flowers and remove them at the slightest hint of wilting or browning (this shouldn’t be a huge problem as long as the whole flower has been submerged in the preservative gin).

And that’s it, you have blue gin!

Don’t stop there? Clitoria flowers go through a dramatic and beautiful colour change. When you add citrus, your blue gin will transform into pink gin! Give it another twist of lime, It’s gorgeous!

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