Come home to a sheepskin, wherever you are.

Hard wearing and fully machine washable. Sheepskins are great to come home to wherever you are.

British summer often to throws a wobbly and that’s why it’s good to know sheepskins are easy to clean. Long-haired types will pick up twigs and other woodland detritus, so save them for bedtime. Keep newer sheepskins on a ground sheet or enforce a strict no-shoes policy. Housekeeping matters, wherever you sleep.

Machine washable at 30 degrees

Instant luxury seating, right by the fire.

As a sheepskin gets older you get less fussy about where you put it. It’s still the same sheepskin that was there at the birth of your new arrival, if no longer needed. It is still the same rug that helped you get out of bed on a cold morning. It’s just that tomorrow morning your day might not be starting at home.

Whilst a sheepskin might be nice on a trek, rolling into a sleeping-bag sized object is no excuse for the extra weight. Whilst we might boast about how easy sheepskins are to wash and dry, getting one wet in your rucksack won’t be fun to carry.

Where you can afford the luxury of a sheepskin is where you have a car. It’s no hassle to carry a rolled up sheepskin some distance, as long as you aren’t also lugging around everything else you need for the next three days at the very same time.

Where will you take yours?

A rug like the one above really comes into its own during a picnic, where bowls of food can be nestled into the fleece and stabilised even on the roughest moorland. The real question isn’t so much what will you use your sheepskin for, but where you will be when you use it.

Image with sheepskin washing instructions

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