Cottage Cream Sheepskin


Wild raised British fleece on thick all-weather hide – buy online from the UK, shipped twice weekly from Devon. Our benchmark sheepskin rug (and our most popular sheepskin in America). This is a plunge-your-hand-in sheepskin that is deep, rich and substantial.

A key practical difference with a Dartmoor Sheepskin is the durable chrome tan, which will handle a normal household washing machine and tumble dryer on wool setting, read more. The main reason they are so popular, however, is that they feel so good to touch.


This is the plunge-your-hand-in variety of sheepskin on thick tanned hide. Our benchmark British fleece offering a superb household (or camping) luxury. British sheep raised on Dartmoor may never see a fence in their entire lives. What they do experience is the weather – flocks will be seen tucked behind the granite tors, intimate with the topography and biologically evolved to thrive in this exposed climate – science shows the functionality of a sheeps fleece – and it is this advantageous handling of moisture that makes sheepskin so comfortable in use.

Your sheepskin will vary from the images shown, as no two sheep are the same. But all are very soft. Our sheepskins come as a by-product of the food chain, and while no one could pretend that using sheepskin in any way helps sheep, we are proud to reclaim even just a small (growing) quantity of sheepskins from the destruction that awaits the rest. We add value to these sheepskins, and they in turn add value to our lives and yours. You can read more about sheepskin waste here, and our mission to 100% sheepskin use.

We ship Dartmoor Sheepskins globally – just select your country from the Shipping tab at the Checkout to check latest shipping prices and tracking options.

Archaeologists are claiming that a highly significant discovery in the Highlands (recovered from a burial cist in Spinningdale) in the form of a 4000-year-old sheepskin is believed to be the earliest surviving example in Britain. Time to get yours.


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 60 × 5 cm


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