Name The Baby Competition!

Name our next product and we’ll give you some for free!

Competition time! As a small online retailer we are always looking for good ways to find people who like our products. We have no dreams of competing with Amazon or any high street brand, what we want to do is find people like you who enjoy natural products, sourced responsibly.

We also like to keep our marketing interesting and fun for the our customers and that’s where you come in. All our products are our babies and we need you to name our next one. I’m not suggesting you email us your favourite names, I’m asking you to tell us what our next product is!

What we are finding is that most people find us through word of mouth. Our regular customers and subscribers recommend us to their friends (you are welcome to join them by signing up here).

Thank you!

This is why our best form of marketing is simply to reward our customers, and particularly subscribers, with; good service, world class natural products and exclusive (sometimes eye watering) special offers.

On the last four weeks our 2 for 1 offer on natural dye saw us give away nearly four kilos of the finest pigments found anywhere. This week subscribers receive gifts chosen from our range. If someone on our mailing list places an order worth £120, we send them a free Dartmoor sheepskin.

We’re not trying to get you to spend more than you can afford. We’ve made it our mission to save you money by only supplying products that will deliver. Our dyes, including Mimosa, Marigold, Madder and many many more… are vivid and strong. Our natural incenses, including Copal, Palo Santo, and of course Frankincense and Myrrh… are equally vivid. I personally believe you’ll love our frankincense and not return to Holland and Barrett, who’s price we match.

In fact we give stuff away all the time. Feel free to order some Butterfly Pea Tea, for the price of postage alone. If you subscribe and place an order above £20 we’ll send you an even more generous bag of this delicious tea.

Why do we do this? Well, it works. Customers find us quirky and they recommend us to their friends (thanks by the way), and we are learning all the time. To that end we have a Birthday request! In typical fashion it involves a present!

If we stock what you suggest, you get some free!

Name our next product and if we stock it, you’ll get some free. We don’t want you to second guess us – don’t try to imagine what we want, tell us what you would like a decent supplier of and we will look into it. With our, albeit modest, buying power, we can sometimes make things happen.

If you can tell us what the product is, what you look for in the product and any ethical issues.

Why not have a look at our range of natural dyes and incenses for inspiration.

What should we stock?

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One more thing… do subscribe to benefit from our subscriber offers!


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