A New Lease Of Life

This white dress was purchased nearly ten years ago, specifically for this final-year photography project. Right after the shoot it was ‘ruined’. Stains all over right where the window sill was pressed against it.

We Gave This Dress A New Lease Of Life

White clothing is always a gamble but so lovely and so cool in this heatwave. Certainly here at sheepskins towers where children dwell white does not last long but that doesn’t mean clothes are gone after they have lost that snowy whiteness. Dark blue will hide a multitude of sins and give a new lease of life to your favourite item.

It reminds me of someone telling me that people don’t fix things anymore, they just throw them away. He was talking about marriage breakup so it seemed like a sad truth. But there is the opportunity for all of us, all the time, to reuse, recycle and mend the things in our lives that had degraded. Human relationships, carrier bags… and a pretty dress that needed a new lease of life.

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