The Hungry Gap in the Ornamental Garden

I’m a visual gardener, for me it’s all about seeing and being in beauty. The view of Hay Tor, the rook silhouetted at the very top of the highest branch. I need my garden to cheer me up, and we all know the first bite is with the eye. Alas, March is the hungry gap in the ornamental garden.

Although I grow little fruit or veg this is still somewhat of a ‘hungry gap’. The grass is messy but too wet to mow. The recent heavy snow has left the daffodils and pansies tattered and beaten. Set that under standard issue British grey sky and you are left needed to look closer to find the beauty.

Small jobs give a sense of hope that the garden will recover.

Doing a little weeding will mean I get on top of it before things really kick off. But more than that, it will get me outside on my knees face to face with pretty living things.

And that right there is food for the soul.

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