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First Go At Dyeing With Mimosa

Despite selling the highest quality powdered inner root bark Mimosa, we hadn’t done any dyeing with it… until last weekend. With the delivery of a new set of natural dyes and life in general we hadn’t had a chance to get to the fun part; having a play around with the products themselves. We didn’t get the vivid purples we were expecting, but as with all home dyeing experiments, we learned something and there is always next time!

Tie dyeing with mimosa hostilis powder
The Material Is Tied Up – After the pre-treatment, the excess is squeezed out and the material is tied up.

fine powdered mimosa inner root bark ukFine Powder Mimosa Goes In The Pan 

Not Quite What We Were Hoping For!

Although we were hoping for the famed vivid purples we ended up with a soft pinky brown. Looking forward to having a play around with different auxiliaries and seeing the full range of colours from all of our products.


4 thoughts on “First Go At Dyeing With Mimosa

  1. […] The results were way more purple than we were expecting, which is a sign of an alkaline solution (acidic dye solution gives more orangey colours) – so much depends on the additional treatments used that each dye can produce a range of colours, sometimes dramatically different from each other. Indeed we expected this colour from mimosa dye, which in the event turned out brown! […]

  2. […] The point is, try something new. In previous blog posts I’ve given instructions on how to make a bottle garden, create unusual planters, turn a tree stump into a garden feature, breed goldfish and dye material using natural mimosa powder. […]

  3. Hiya is this pure or dp you have to mix it with another substance to produce the dye? Thanks 😉 xx

    1. Hi Rummer, the mimosa is just powdered inner root bark, nothing added or taken away.

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