COMING SOON: The Nose Cosy!

Here at Dartmoor Sheepskins we listen hard to what you need. You told us your nose was cold, we give you the Nose Cosy™ Sheepskins for keeping your nose warm on a cold winters day.

How often have you cursed the cruel winter chill that brings with it the predictable running, sore and generally very sorry for itself nose. The sight of the pitiful red beak has become all too common on chilly winters mornings, we have for too long taken for granted that this is just the way of the winter months and accepted the fate of our poor facial features.

We say no more! Your nose is important and it deserves to be taken care of, and how better so show it the love it so badly needs that with a soft and fluffy nose cosy.

Made from the richest and fluffiest fleeces, carefully selected for comfort and resilience, your nose cosy will provide style and protection so you can say goodbye to red winter noses and hello to warmth and protection.


COMING SOON: The Strapless Nose Cosy, timeless, sexy, on fleek.

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