Introducing: The Lambkini!

The Lambkini – Real Men Wear Wool.

As summer approaches we’ll be asked if our wardrobe will embarrass us on the beach, or indeed if our own bodies are up to the task of laying in the sun and attracting a mate. Don’t hide indoors this summer, instead tan your hide with a luxurious longhaired Lambkini™.

How often have you laid face down on the beach and cursed the way those tiny insidious grains catch in your soft, downy chest hair? No more will the irritation of microscopic crustaceans marr your sunny coastal man bathing. Finished your swim? No problem, just a quick shake and you’ll emerge from the water like Poseidon. Real men don’t let these things get in the way of being real – real men wear Lambkini™.

Pre order now to ensure that your summer is filled with comfort, style and dignity.

Coming soon: the new Micro-Lambkini™

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