Natural Dye Kits Now Available!

Dye your own ethically sourced cotton bag with our super simple kits.

Natural dye kits! These kits contain simple instructions and all the ingredients you need to dye your own cotton drawstring bag. Each set of ingredients is ample for adding colour not only to the bag supplied, but also for dyeing/tie dyeing t shirts, pillow cases etc that you already have!

At just £19 they represent excellent value and a fun way to start your fabric dyeing career!

squares of cotton dyed in different natural colours
Which colour will you choose?

Each Natural Dye Kit contains:

  1. 20g Pack of natural dye (10g if choosing marigold and tesu)
  2. Plain cotton bag ready for dyeing
  3. 2 Pairs of latex-free gloves
  4. 20g Alum Powder
  5. Elastic bands (for tie dyeing)
  6. 100g Salt
  7. Simple Instructions

Super Dye Kit contains:

  1. 20g Pack of natural madder dye
  2. 20g Pack of natural woad dye
  3. 10g Pack natural marigold and tesu dye
  4. 2 Ethically sourced cotton drawstring bags
  5. 30g Natural alum mordant
  6. Elastic bands (for tie dyeing)
  7. 200g Salt
  8. 4 Pairs of latex-free gloves
  9. Simple instructions

stages of natural dyeing

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