Ottery St Mary - Cross Breed Sheepskin

Otter is soft and perfectly formed – low(ish) profile, but with very dense fur, water resistant fur. A bonus is a little brown marker spot, so you can find him in a crowd 🙂

If you are a wild swimmer, this would be a good choice, if you like something a little wider to stand on. Otter rolls up nice and small, and if you aren’t a swimmer, it is perfect for improving the sleep whilst away from home (or even in one’s own bed).

Size: 91x56x3 cm


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Otters can be seen wild on Dartmoor, if you are lucky, and have become something of a mascot for the national park. “Moor Otters” is an art exhibit, you can catch one of the little sculptures at a bunch of locations around the area – here’s the Twitter profile were you can check their latest movements.

For real otters, which nearly became extinct in the UK, you need to look for signs of savaged water birds, little five-toed footprints, and the signs from when they spray their scent to mark out territory. They look like they are doing yoga when spraying, with their front paws stretched out in front and their backs curved – like a sun salutation. 

As a side note: the River Otter, also in Devon, is home to a population of Beavers.

Dartmoor Sheepskins wish you the very best of luck should you attempt to spot either of these elusive creatures. May we suggest you make yourself at home on the river bank, and take refreshments and a comfortable sheepskin with you?


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Dimensions 99 × 70 × 4 cm


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