Christow – British Sheepskin


Thick and animal-like, soft but dense underfoot. Very dark sheepskin in places, hard to capture photographically as little light is reflected back. That light which does emerge is richly tinted in dark chocolate. The fur is very smooth and granular feeling, again this sheepskin scores highly on the sensitivity to animal scale – it might not suit you if you find animal products hard to live with. If that is not an issue for you Christow offers style-able hair which can be satisfying brushed or combed as in an AMSR video.

Size: 91x49x8 cm – the volume of fur add substantially to this sheepskin’s perceived size.

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Christow 8-bell circle

All eight bells are held in the same cast iron frame they were set in by John Taylor & Co in 1936. But six of the bells themselves were made in 1785. The remaining two are newer than the frame, being dated 1973.

There are fifteen valid peels recorded at Christow church on the Felstead database, all named after the places where they originated. 

You might be lucky enough to hear the Lincolnshire Surprise Major, or the Grandsire Triples. You may be lucky enough to enjoy a Spliced Surprise Major, a peel that can be created four different ways.


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Dimensions 91 × 49 × 8 cm


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