Beef Biltong - Cured Beef

Chewy and juicy, this biltong has been prepared with a slightly higher fat content. With a lower salt content it provides exceedingly tasty protein in a satisfying snack. Ignore what you’ve been told about fat, this is primal.



Biltong is a simpler preparation than Jerky, here it has a higher fat content. It’s tough and juicy at the same time. With a lower salt content, because it simply doesn’t need it – your mouth will water, it provides exceedingly tasty protein in a satisfying snack.

Our specialist Martin has a background in dried, pickled and smoked foods and started making historically inspired foods just over a decade ago. From his base in South Wales he preserves fresh hand selected foods using just the most simple ingredients.

Martin uses local beef which is showcased here perfectly in this biltong. After being marinaded in herbs and balsamic vinegar for 24 hours the biltong is dried slowly over five days – this is curing, not just drying.

The temperature is held at 18 agrees for the first 24 hours and then put up to 32 degrees to make the perfect biltong.


Weight .1 kg


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