Isn’t Technology wonderful/terrible?

Isn’t technology wonderful?

When I see the sun reflecting off the solar panels on the International Space Station as it orbits overhead, being followed some distance behind by the dimmer reflection of a supply ship, I think ‘isn’t technology wonderful’?

But when I discover that emails from our own website have been added to the spam folder it feels like a basic human right has been violated. And I am sorry to those who have been trying to get through. How is it that we can send people to into space… and then ship them food and fuel… but our emails fail having worked for ages without any intervention?

I’m not the only one having trouble with tech.

I just asked a guy why he always commented using CAPS LOCK on Facebook, he just messaged to say sorry… he’s housebound with a broken keyboard and he knows it makes him look like he’s ALWAYS SHOUTING!
Trouble is, he said, he’s deaf. So he wouldn’t know
The other night someone asked him to stop shouting because it was 3am!

To say sorry for our technical glitch here’s 25% off.

Sorry to everyone who’s been trying to get through on our email or website contact us page. For the next month the coupon – 25% off – will indeed get you 25% off!

Have you tried turning it off and then on again?

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