Easy to make automatic watering plant pot

If you’re the kind of person (like me) who forgets house plants have a go at one of these easy to make automatic watering pots. Many plants benefit from having water available without being water logged, and these automatic waterers are ideal.

Simply take a two litre fizzy drinks bottle, these tend to be tougher than still drinks bottles, chop it in half and turn the neck upside down with a sock strip of old t shirt pushed through the opening to wick up the water.

Depending on the plants and environment these can run for weeks, or at least until you get round to filling them up again.

Horse chestnut in self watering pot

These are Horse Chestnut saplings, left in the fridge for a few weeks to simulate winter¬†and then planted in the automatic watering system. I’m going to attempt to bonsai the single tree at a fairly large size, and the automatic waterer containing four saplings will be developed into a plaited or twisted stemmed patio display.

I’ll keep you posted when there’s more to show!

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