Merrivale Megalith – British Sheepskin


Almost black through coffee, toffee and cappuccino. Homely warm colours could also pull off a smart look in the right location.

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What do the Merrivale Monuments and New Scotland Yard have in common?

Merrivale monuments are made from the same rock that faces New Scotland Yard in London. The Merrivale Quarry was working until the 70’s and was the source of cladding on the most famous cop shop in Britain.

The Merrivale stone rows, circles, monuments and burial cairns, were made by Bronze Age people. It’s fascinating to ponder the motives of the builders. If it was their intention to communicate through time with us, in the present day. Then we, for our part, are turning up and listening.

We don’t really know the significance of single, double or triple stone rows, and there’s a double at Merrivale along with several other significant megaliths. There are several other double and triple rows on Dartmoor, as well as single rows. Check them out on


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