Chagford – British Sheepskin


Look but don’t touch! Soft doesn’t apply with Chagford, this is a sheepskin that has slightly course short fur with an apparent spinal ridge. Chagford will be best used as a design cue rather than as a rug. Although this said, it does have a robust hide and a delicate pattern. As a kid I’d find things like this and spend hours laid on it thinking of nothing, I can well imagine spending an hour staring at Chagford, thinking about nothing in particular. Nowadays I’d call this meditation. Whether you use Chagford to meditate, to tie colours and patterns together is up to you, but even with its 3 cm short hair

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There’s been a settlement at Chagford for 4000 years, and its income has historically come from wool and tin. No wonder. Chagford is fantastically located in stunning countryside, perfect pasture. It’s close to, but not nearly as extreme as, Dartmoor.

Lush field systems of dry stone wall – much in exceptional condition – border the town. The whole chocolate box village sits below the wind-kissed tors to the west. The weather is nicer here, but the tiny roads are pressed at peak times.

Milk tankers and tractor-trailers effortlessly snake through the twists and turns, stopping at times for caravans driven in fits and starts (at least if they are brave enough to venture out at peak times).

Nothing actually breaks through the stunning English countryside though. Even when the traffic tries to do rush hour, it’s made up of eclectic vehicles that make it simply more fun. During a quiet hour you are treated to the best twisty roads that this county has to offer, at worst the views are still better than anywhere else on earth.


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