Sheepskin Care

Is easy.

Sheepskins are easy to wash and dry, just keep the temperature low (30 degrees Celsius). Wash sheepskins on their own in your washing machine, and use a small amount of your usual powder. Afterwards, tumble dry at a low temperature, or better still shake it out often on a hot day. Give it a brush and it will come up like new.

When you first get a sheepskin you tend to show it special treatment. There’s something so obviously luxurious about it that makes you want to take special care. But soon enough the cat has slept on it, the kids have used it as a cape and it’s twice been a cushion in the garden. Soon enough it needs a wash.

People worry about how to wash a sheepskin because they think it will take ages to dry. Take heart, it doesn’t (although the job is made easy with a tumble dryer).

If you don’t have a tumble dryer turn you might use a spin cycle to drain as much water as possible from the fleece. On a hot day turn your sheepskin frequently. Shake it out every time you walk past it. Blow a fan on it and expose it to gentle heat. (Above 30 degrees C and you risk distorting the wool fibres). More information (of the same sort of information) on our blog post How To Wash A Sheepskin. Folks are sometimes surprised by the huge range of uses sheepskin, obviously including camping, but taking one to a pebble beach is a luxury upgrade. We do note, however, that yoghurt pushes boundaries.

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