Black Friday specials – British Sheepskin from £99

Enjoy a special price on a range of three sheepskins this Black Friday. Cottage Cream is thick and, well, creamy. Chocolate brown has strong durable fur and will cope well with pets and children, these sheepskins are in limited supply this year. Our pretty Black Friday specials are very soft with a low profile – … Read more

Sheepskins ARE the truth

It’s been a bit quiet from me over the last year, what a year! There’s an interesting bit of English racism that has it that a Chinese person might wish you “live in interesting times”. It was never a Chinese proverb, much less a facet of a Chinese personality. The “Chinese Curse” was an English … Read more

The effect of grass on sheepskins

All our sheepskin rugs come from animals that have already entered the food chain, and as such we receive the skins of animals that have been slaughtered (read more). Not all grass is born equal, Dartmoor sward is hugely mixed with different grasses, herbs and what might be called “weeds”. It has a lower energy … Read more

The Science of Sheepskin

Modern high performance sheepskin combines the exothermic properties of wool with the hydroscopic quality of each individual wool fiber. The resultant fabric is as strong as leather, can absorb upto 30% of its own weight in water and can be washed and dried like a quality pair of jeans. Man made fabrics can’t absorb water … Read more